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Charlotte Mendez(1995) is a documentary and portrait photographer based in Amsterdam. She currently works on a freelance basis for a variety of clients. She sees herself as an observer, a fly on the wall who tells visual stories with her camera. Her perspective is both that of an insider and outsider. Her work expresses how the outside world affects inner life and how nothing or no one is truly isolated, even if it can seem that way.

Intimacy, trust, and intuition guide Charlotte's work. Her portraits are welcoming but private, and reveal a high level of closeness towards the character and emotions of her subjects.


Today, Charlotte is focusing on her passion for documentary portrait photography. Her interest in scientific and philosophical theories questioning truth, objectivity and reality inspire her work. She sheds light on how personal stories and experiences also contain information about reality in a more general sense. She believes that photography has the power to make a difference, that it has the power to change one's outlook on life and the unknown. She believes that photography can change how we feel about the other, in showing how we also are the same.

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I offer portrait sessions at my studio at the Zaandijkstraat in Amsterdam. This location fits my way of working seamlessly in terms of light and space.


I mostly work with daylight. Multiple settings, purposes and atmospheres are possible. Let’s make something beautiful together.

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Selected clients

Awards & Exhibitions

  • 2023 SHE IS COOOL pop-up

  • 2023 DroversDog 

  • 2022 Papapuya Gallery

  • 2021 Het Grachtenfestival

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