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Editorial photography is a powerful form of storytelling as it very directly communicates visually with a written story.


I have worked for a variety of newspapers and magazines over the last couple of years and have come to understand that a photo can capture the essence of a person in as many details as an interview can, if the photo is well taken. I strive to find this exact moment that works in tandem with the accompanying cover story, supporting each other in presenting who or what the piece is about. My approach to editorial photography therefore emphatically involves working closely with journalists to ensure that the photos I take are in line with the story they are trying to convey.

Whether it's a portrait, a candid moment, or a scene-setting shot, I strive to capture images that are not only visually interesting but also meaningful and informative and cooperate with the text. Through my lens, I aim to capture the emotions, thoughts, and personality of the people I photograph.

My editorial photography service is a good fit for magazines, newspapers, and online publications who want to add a visual dimension to a written text that cooperates with the contents of the text, and hereby lifts the strength of the text to a next level. Through the method I use, I can help you produce images that will engage with the text, hereby engage with your audience, and enhance your storytelling.

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