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Musicians, artists, corporate companies, families, my own best friends and lovers, and all in between have stood in front of my lens. This variety of subject matter has shown me time after time that every shoot has its own identity and therefore requires its own approach. My experience so far has made me able to judge quickly and aptly what approach is best per project.

I believe that sets me apart is my ability to put my subject at ease and create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I understand that being in front of the camera can make people nervous, it’s really not that easy. For this reason, I take the time to get to know each person and take time to help them acclimate to the setting. This allows me to capture the most natural and authentic images, showcasing the true personality of each individual, also creating a warm memory to the photoshoot.

A portrait session with me is tailored to your individual needs and preferences. I use my expertise in natural lighting and composition to create dynamic, natural portraits that showcase your personality in a way that those close to you will recognize as you. Portrait sessions take place in my sunny daylight studio at Westerpark in Amsterdam, but also other locations, outside or at home.

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