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Funeral Reportages

Funeral reportage service provides a way to capture the memories of your loved one's farewell in a lasting way. My experience as a funeral photographer has helped me deepen my empathy and understanding for deep and complicated emotions of others, even without knowing them. I recognize important emotional moments and am able to capture them furtively. My approach is respectful and discrete, I will blend in with the ceremony without causing any disturbance, like a fly on the wall.

I offer a personalized service, based on your needs. I strive to capture the essence of the ceremony, from the poignant moments of grief to other emotions being felt that day. I will work closely with you and the funeral director to ensure that the reportage reflects what you do and do not want to see reflected in the photo’s. I am available to cover the whole ceremony, including the wake and burial, but also can cover only certain aspects of it, depending on your preferences.

Through my work I have discovered that a funeral reportage is more than a collection of photographs. it is a tribute to the life of the person who has passed away, by capturing the beauty of the impact of their passing. The stillness that overcomes life when a loved one passes, how everyone drops whatever they were doing to prioritize honoring the fact that someone they love left life, is truly beautiful and a memory worth capturing in detail.

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